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As the former Chief Executive Officer and Senior Provost at Touro University’s Western Division, and with her multiple decades of experience in government and leadership, Shelley Berkley is ready to tackle the important issues facing Las Vegas:

The Humane Society

  • CRIME – Nothing is more important than our public safety. Shelley plans to work closely with metro to ensure they have the resources to keep our families safe. As CEO of Touro, Shelley spearheaded a partnership with 4.000 metro officers and the Engelstad Foundation to provide medical trauma training. Shelley also understands the importance of the community feeling comfortable and respected when dealing with law enforcement. She will work to ensure efforts of community policing are also put in place. 


  • AFFORDABLE HOUSING – Shelley is committed to ensuring we have stable, accessible, safe, energy-efficient, and affordable housing in Las Vegas.

  • ECONOMIC GROWTH – The Las Vegas economy remains robust. Shelley will continue to bring smart growth to our community, providing good-paying jobs and working closely with developers and constituents. Shelley realizes small businesses are the backbone of our economy. As a past Board Member of the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance, a member of the Las Vegas Chamber, Henderson Chamber, and Latin Chamber of Commerce, Shelley is determined to keep the Las Vegas economy strong.

  • HOMELESSNESS – As homelessness continues to increase in the Las Vegas valley. While there are no easy solutions, Shelley will do everything she can to eliminate homelessness by fostering responsibility, accountability, and self-reliance for individuals to achieve a permanent transition out of homelessness. Shelley is anxious to roll up her sleeves and tackle the homeless challenges.

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