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KLAS - TV-8 Interview 
Politics NOW with John Langeler

KTNV - TV-13 Interview

ED Bernstein Show

Dennis Silvers Podcast

Sam Shad - Nevada Newsmakers

50th Gala - Honoring Shelley Berkley

The Nevada Broadcasters Association 26th Annual Hall of Fame Gala

Nevada Taxpayers Association

Kevin Wall Radio Show, KMZQ 670AM

ED Bernstein Show

Ody Carmona Podcast

Heidari Law Group

Keeping it 100 With Mel and Bruce

Opportunity to Lead the Change at BREATHE! Convention

Kevin Wall Radio Show, KMZQ 670AM
Shelley Talks About Israel

KTNV - TV-13 
Tricia Kean interviews former Nevada Rep. Shelly Berkley for Israel at War: Impact on America

Interview with Joseph Simmons

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